What if we could use shared auto-mobiles in a hotel?

Curving Cabinet

JULY 2016

The site is the front of Gaien, Tokyo in 2030 when shared small type automatic driving vehicles are getting popular. I entrust functions other than private rooms to cities by running shared type small automatic driving car inside the hotel. Under this condition setting, I optimally defined the architectural form guaranteeing daylighting and traffic lines in the premises, solving the room number maximization problem and the motion line shortest path problem respectively, respectively.

I divided the site into the north and south, generated a loop that was capable of lighting the courtyard based on the offset from the site boundary, and evaluated the total number of rooms with an algorithm that automatically generates three kinds of rooms along the loop.

A plane with the largest number of rooms and the shortest path length in each hierarchy can be obtained by the previous workflow. Combine them to get the optimum form.

What I did

  • Concept making
  • Computational Design
  • Skill

  • Python
  • Grasshopper
  • Rhinoceros

  • Website


    Project credit

    Adaptive Morphology architectural design studio, UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO ADVANCED DESIGN STUDIES

    Sota Ichikawa

    Yusuke Obuchi
    Kengo Kuma

    Kota Isobe