What if we could imagine and prototype the future realities?

AcrossRCA workshop2018: Exploring New Realities

OCT 2018

AcrossRCA is an annual week-long event that offers students the opportunity to step out of curricular activities and collaborate on real-world projects across programmes and disciplines.

Kota designed and organized 3 days workshop for students to imagine and prototype the the future of extended reality experiences(VR, AR, MR, etc) from a technical, social, and design perspective.

The workshop contained bunch of sessions such as ideation, lecture, technical skill hands-on, prototyping, and demo presentation.

Day1 Ideation

Day1,2 Lectures

Day2,3 Technical Hands-on and Prototyping

Day3 Demo + Presentation

What I did

  • Ideation Workshop Design
  • Hachathon Workshop Design
  • Workshop Operation
  • Unity Skill Share Lecture
  • VR Lecture
  • Skill

  • Workshop Design
  • Unity
  • Presentation in English

  • Website



    RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab

    Workshop Director
    Kota Isobe(RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)

    Ideation Specialist
    Tim Corvin(RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)

    Kotaro Ozawa(The University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science)