What if we could see our body from multi view eye?

Shadow after Shadow

FEB 2019



Shadow after Shadow was created while I went to RCA IED as a visiting research student.

Shadows are created by our existence and the surrounding environment and can be recognized as ours by synchronizing shapes and movements. By overwriting this whole place into the world of "shadows", you'll encounter a variety of your "shadows" that have the familiar shape and movements of you and those who around you. How much can you feel your self-ownership towards them?

Beyond the limited usage of VR in the architecture field (just for the process in the design and construction), my aim behind this project is to explore new spacial experience with emergent immersive technology.

Experiments and Prototypes

My work in progress of the work is cited by RCA IED Senior Tutor, Dylan Yamada-Rice.

What I did

  • VR Engineering
  • Concept Design
  • Skill

  • Unity
  • TouchDesigner
  • GLSL

  • Press Release from Design Lab



    RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab Collaboration

    Engineer and Creative Director
    Kota Isobe(RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)

    Motion Graphic Designer(For 2019 Kuma Exhibition ver)

    Robert Chang Chien(RCA Information Experience Design)

    Dance Performer
    Luqitiao Wang(RCA Visual Communication)

    Dylan Yamada-Rice(RCA Information Experience Design)

    Tim Corvin(RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)

    Charlotte Furet(RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)

    Tobitate Abroad Scholarship

    Kuma Foundation