What if we could throw heavy balls while jumping on the moon?


MAY 2018

LUNATHLETICS is a sport that we can enjoy a novel floating experience on the moon.

In the 1/6 weak gravity environment, we can jump higher but while floating we can't change our way at all. However, with the relatively strong muscle, we can grab heavy objects and jump still higher. Hense, by throwing the objects away, we can change the way and land whatever direction we want.

I won the first prize at the Moon Sports VR Hackathon powered by GREE and JAXA with this contents.

Hackathon report is available from here.

What I did

  • VR Engineering
  • Level Design
  • Skill

  • Unity

  • Website



    Kotton club

    Kota Isobe

    Game Planner
    Ryuta Fujii

    Project Management
    Yoshiki Kudo

    Context Designer
    To Roni